Continuation Of The Art Of Negotiation !!!!

Same place..

Same situation..

Same topics ..

Conversation : –

Wife : Sure not lying ???

Husband : Yes dear !!! Why… don’t believe aaa !!!

Wife : No laa…. not like that !!! Just….


Husband : Just what ???

Wife : Ya laaa.. !!! Feels like.. last time better compared to this one !!!

Husband : Crisis la kot !!!

Wife : Whatttt ???

Husband :Ā  Economic crisis la !!!!

Wife : Ooohh !!!

Wife thinking … Quiet !!!!

Wife : So… How much ???

Husband : Againnn ??? How much what ???

Wife : I get ???

Husband : ermmm!!! still not sure !!!

Wife :Ā  Alaaa !!! Tak best la like this !!!

Husband : Ok laa… see first laaa !!! Cannot promise !!! If get.. get laa… if none… none laaa !!!

still not yet reach home… husband wondering if this topic can ever get to an end…

Silent … Better !!!


  1. Mentol Bulat

    Negotiation MCBA/NUBE now is end already… Mr bujang3 u must tell yr wife on the middle of September u just received RM7,XXX.XX yr bonus and salary adjustment since 2009 until now… Well done bujang3 eh eh eh eh eh

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